Welcome To The Aldhizer Family Tree.
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Welcome to our family tree.  Here you will find information concerning the Aldhizer family, and it's roots.  Those roots travel in many different directions.  You will also find information concerning our immediate family.   If you are an Aldhizer, or are related to one, and the name is spelled this way, then most likely you are not only related to me, but you may find yourself listed here.   If you are an Aldhizer, and don't find yourself here, please email me so that I can add you!  If you find that you have information to add, please email me at ericaldhizer@aldhizer.com  or submit yourself and your family, by clicking here.   Not only am I researching Aldhizer, but also Cave, Painter, Campbell, Seawright, Newlen, Armstrong, McCray, Wimer, Coffman, Evans, Heatwole, Linhoss, and many other surnames.  Please click here to see a list of the surnames that I am searching for.
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                                                 Eric Aldhizer

A special thanks goes to Peggy Aldhizer.  She, like me, has been researching the Aldhizer's for some time, and together, we finally seem to be making gains!  The information contained herein is a result of her work, as well as mine.   This site is as much hers, as it is mine.