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This picture is the Stuarts Draft T-Ball All Star team that played in the T-Ball South tournament in Richmond, VA. in 2006.  This was the area's first attempt at a T-Ball All Star team, and our first attempt at a competitive T-Ball team.  We played in 3 scrimmage games before this tourney, and even though we lost both games in Richmond, our players improved dramatically, had fun, and learned much more about the game of baseball.
Front Row: (On knees)  Anthony Durham, Nicholas Lasam, Mitchell Morris, Tanner Walker, Eric Custard, Walker Aldhizer, and Brynn Kennedy.  Second Row:   Chance Chandler, Noah Boyers, Trevor Craig, Jayden Williams, Jacob Quick, and Gabriel Falls.  Third Row:  Coach Travis Craig, Manager Eric Aldhizer, coach Karl Kennedy, and coach Jason Quick.

Welcome to my piece of the web.  In case you haven't guessed, my name is Eric.  What you see here is just ONE of my many hobbies.  For the most part, this web site details many of my OTHER hobbies.  Don't expect the newest web designs like flash.  I neither have the talent, nor the time for that.  Most of the pictures are digital, but not the greatest quality.  I'll leave the flash and the photos to my brother.   But stay  if you like, leave if you must, enjoy while you're here.


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